:: WORK PATH (fbaul / udk) UM fest ::

Work Path—Foreground-Background—Open Discussion—Dc /Fbaul + Udk Berlin
Sábado • Saturday — 14•11•2009 — 15:30h.
Auditório Lagoa Henriques / Fbaul

No âmbito do Festival UM
Foreground-background is an algorithm that is used to control execution of multiple processes on a single processor. 
It is based on two waiting lists: foreground is the one in which all processes initially enter; and background is where all processes are moved after using all of their execution time in foreground.

This Open Discussion between students from two academic backgrounds (FBAUL + UDK) will consist on sharing views on personal work paths — how students extended their creative practice, departing from a specific cultural foundation of academic studies (how certain processes and practices move from foreground to background and vice-versa)— exploring new territories or specializing in particular directions, and considering specific mediational processes and strategies of communication.


UDK Berlin
Torsten Posselt, Frederic Gmeiner, Extracts of Local Distance http://www.1um1.net/?page_id=219

Andreas Schmelas, Artificial Smile http://www.1um1.net/?page_id=121

Julius von Bismark, Image Fulgurator http://www.1um1.net/?page_id=105

Sandra Dick, Monitorphotography http://www.1um1.net/?page_id=106
Tim Horntrich, Mutable Postcards http://mutablepostcards.rgbdeluxe.de/

Design de Comunicação / FBAUL
REACTOR – http://reactorfbaul.wordpress.com/ rep. daniel martins

PLATAFORMA COMUM http://aftadesign.net/comum/ rep. mário coelho
RECTINA http://areas.fba.ul.pt/rectina06/ rep. rui telmo romão
SUPERCHASE – http://www.vivoeusebio.com/ colectivo VIVÓEUSÉBIO
DESCONSTRUÇÂO DA NARRATIVA http://desconstrucaonarrativa.wordpress.com/ mariana fernandes + rui silveira + joana bernardo + teresa nunes + mariana veloso
CÃO-CEITO http://www.caoceito.com/ rep. marta teixeira da silva e manuel garcia
GENERACTIVE + sonorous blot
rep. sérgio brito + ana sofia oliveira + andreia mesquita


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